What Solar Panels Do I Buy?

November 21, 2018

What Solar Panels Do I Buy?

Picking Panels

Over the past few years, the prices of solar panels have reduced drastically and it has just become possible because of the advancements in technology. The need for solar systems is continuously growing all over the world especially in areas like Fresno. The solar contractors in the Central Valley are continuously introducing some attractive offers so that they can compete with other solar companies. However, it can make it a lot difficult for you to find a solar power system that best suits your needs.

Purchasing the solar system is an amazing investment that can secure your future. If you conduct proper research before purchasing the solar energy system, you’d be able to save hundreds or even thousands in energy costs. Usually, people keep an eye on the prices while choosing the renewable energy system for their home but there are several other important elements that can help make a better decision.

The solar experts at Fresno like Valley Solar Pros have prepared a list of different elements that a customer should look for while purchasing the solar energy system for their homes. Here is the list of things you must keep in mind when purchasing the green renewable energy system for your home.

System Size

The Valley Solar Pros experts recommend that the homeowners must measure the size of their roof to figure out that which size is best for your home. Finding the more efficient “premium” panels can be an ideal choice if they are limited in roof space as long as it doesn’t affect your budget.

However, the standard panels usually provide amazing performance at an affordable price. At Valley Solar Pros, we always try to provide the most honest suggestion to the people so that they can find the right solar system for their home. We forbid our customers from purchasing the solar panels that do not meet their needs.


The average users don’t know that polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin-film are the three different kinds of panels that are usually used to build a solar energy system. The monocrystalline panels are the top quality panels that can improve the energy efficiency at your home. It’s worth knowing that monocrystalline panels are an expensive option. However, they can produce an excellent amount of energy without requiring a huge roof space. These panels add a cylindrical look to the photovoltaic cells because they’re made of silicon ingots.

Many customers in the Golden State prefer buying the monocrystalline panels because of their dark colour. This is the unique feature of monocrystalline panels that makes them less noticeable on rooftops. The stats show that the polycrystalline panels are common among the people that live near the Legion of Valor Museum. These panels are absolutely an affordable option but the problem is that they are less efficient as compared to the monocrystalline panels because they are slightly less heat tolerant.

We Suggest:

At Valley Solar Pros, we do not recommend thin-film panels for residential customers because they require a lot of space. However, they can be a good option for you if you want to purchase a less expensive green renewable energy system. However, the residents of California should avoid purchasing thin-film solar panels because they won’t bring any fruitful results to you.


The brand, size, quality, wattage, and durability are the most important factors that can either increase or decrease the price of a panel. Depending on the production and brand of the panel, you can purchase a panel for $100-500 in areas if you’re living near St. Johns Cathedral of Fresno or Rotary Storyland Playland Family Amusement Park. The number of modules you choose to place on your roof can also affect the price of solar systems.

Adding more panels to your system can decrease the price per unit. You must consider using the services of solar companies that are focused on creating innovative and high performing panels. Thus, you’d be able to find the best product for your home. If you want to purchase the high-performance solar panels, you must consider choosing the ones that come with higher silicone grades.

Similarly, the solar contractors that aren’t spending enough money on research are usually found targetting the production aspect. It means that they try to mass produce a quality product by using a combination of manual and robotic work on production lines. The human production lines usually help produce the most affordable panels, but the quality isn’t consistent.


Measuring the performance of the solar panel isn’t an easy job. There are numerous elements that one must bring into consideration when trying to measure the efficiency of a panel. The efficiency and durability of the solar panel can be determined with different terms such as embodied energy, PID & LID resistance, temperature coefficient, conversion efficiency, and tolerance.

The common criteria for choosing the highly efficient panels is that the expensive products last longer (with a few exceptions). The experts at Valley Solar Pros claim that you won’t have to face any production issues if you consider purchasing the high-quality product for your home.

Checking the production levels of your solar energy system is really important. The PG&E website is the best source you can use to measure the production levels of your solar panel. Similarly, you can measure the production levels through your inverter. In fact, your monthly bill will also provide you with an overview of production levels. The PG&E now provides you with a monthly billing statement so that you can easily monitor the usage and production of your solar system.


It’s an admitted fact that the panels will start getting due to direct exposure to sunlight. However, the popular solar panel companies offer a 25-year warranty for their products. If you’re purchasing an expensive product, you must consider choosing the one that comes with a long warranty. It can put a serious impact on your savings every month even if just one panel is under producing. If you want to get the most out of your investment, you must be focused on producing at maximum output.

Solar Company Background

Lastly, you must consider working with a reliable company that has built great connections with its clients over the years. If you’re purchasing a product from a newly introduced company, you’re obviously taking a huge risk. However, if you’re aware of the company’s repute, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a system from a new company. At Valley Solar Pros, we always try our best to provide excellent services to our customers. So, if you need to hire the  services of a reliable and trustworthy solar company in Fresno, you can hire us without any doubt.

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