Things to Consider Before Solar Panels Installation

November 6, 2018

Things to Consider Before Solar Panels Installation

Solar Panel installation is the ultimate solution to most of your problems as it helps reduce your energy bills as well as the carbon footprint. And when it comes to talking about areas like Fresno, CA, the solar panel appears to be an ideal source of energy. At Valley Solar Pros, we understand the importance of choosing the right solar panels for your home. Many people don’t know but there are a number of options you must discover before making the final decision. Therefore, we have prepared a list of some important things with the help of Valley Solar Pros experts. So, let’s take a look at the things you should consider while trying to install the Solar system in your home.

Solar Installation Preparation

1. The installation cost matters

There is a misconception among most of the people that Solar Panel is an expensive solution as compared to the local electricity supply. But when we take a look at the long-term benefits, we realize that the solar system is a better solution as compared to the local electricity company because it helps save a huge amount of money in the long run. In fact, you’d start enjoying its amazing benefits right after the installation of solar panels.

2. When does the actual saving start?

Installing solar panels is the ideal way to save money on energy bills. But it’s important to understand the exact time when real savings would take place. Sometimes, the savings start right after the Solar panels installation and sometimes the greater benefits start appearing over time and they require an upfront investment as well. Borrowing money with a loan or qualifying for a lease is the ideal way to lower your monthly electric bill instantly.

However, you’d have to face the effects of upfront expense if you decide to buy the system outright or do a pre-paid power purchase agreement but you can still save money in the long run. In both the situations, the renewable energy system is a better and more effective way of reducing energy bills.

3. Measuring the Solar Power you can expect to receive

Based on the home you are living in, the requirements for the solar system may differ. There are numerous elements, such as latitude, temperature, the angle of the roof, trees, size of the roof, and degradation of panels and orientation, that put an impact on the renewable electricity production. The solution providers like Valley Solar Pros can guarantee the better electricity product by considering all the important factors.

Solar Panel Installers in Fresno

4. Choosing the right type of panels

The solar panels are divided into different categories and you must consider choosing the one that is perfectly suitable for your home. For example, the small panels will be a better option for you if you have a small roof as they can optimize your savings in an effective way. The experts at Valley Solar Pros find you the optimal panel for each situation by assessing the panel size, panel production, roof space, and panel cost in a professional way. A professional solar electric company will find the best possible solution for your home by evaluating multiple manufacturers. Make sure that you use the services of reliable and trustworthy solar providers like Valley Solar Pros.

5. Taking a look at the financial assistance

Don’t forget to check into special rebates while you are discussing the financing options with your solar solution provider. From local to federal, at all levels of government, you can find incentives to install the solar system. Currently, you can take advantage of the tax credit provided by the federal government. The local rebate program of California has been exhausted but there are several other local rebate programs you can use in this regard. The best way to find the maximum rebate is to get in touch with an expert solar solutions provider.

6. Time to find the reliable solar system installation experts

When it comes to finding the solar panels installation experts, the things get a lot difficult especially when you are in popular places like the Golden State. There are many people out there that claim to be the experts in this industry but you must consider finding the experts that are trained professionals. Make sure that you visit several online platforms like Yelp and Solarreviews to find if you are choosing the right service provider or not.

7. How long it may take to enjoy the solar electricity production once the contract is signed

The people are very excited to enjoy the solar energy production after signing the contract for solar power. The service providers usually take 5-6 months to install the solar panels. Therefore, you must consider choosing a service provider that install solar panels in a quick manner because the longer installation times may cost thousands extra. Although the warm regions like Fresno allow you to enjoy the solar energy benefits throughout the year, you must still look for a service provider that can get the job swiftly.

Solar Installers in Fresno California

8. How much Sun your house gets for the whole year

The proper installation of solar generators matters a lot if you want to enjoy solar power throughout the year. The amount of sun your home gets throughout the year and the location of your home determines the way how solar panels should be arranged on the roof. The professional solar installers measure the shading patterns with the help of tools like Solmetric SunEye. Thus, they can easily determine the solar energy you are going to enjoy at different parts of the year.

9. The type of roof you have

Usually, the solar companies install panels on the composite shingles. And if you have a roof made of regular wood shingles, Spanish tiles, and metal, they would tell you that solar won’t work on your roof. But you should always keep in mind that the solar system can be installed on all types of roof. However, it may take more time to install the panels on composite shingles as compared to the Spanish tiles.

10. Do you require building permits?

Having the proper building permits is really important before you start off the solar panel installation process. If you didn’t get the permission beforetime, you’d have to redo the entire project to get rid of certain restrictions. For example, some areas around the Forestiere Underground Gardens and Fresno Art Museum may require you to have a three-foot clearance around your roof. However, there are some areas where you can get them installed right to the edge. The building permits change from city to city as they are issued at a local level. It’s also important that you find out if your solar system meets the proper electrical code or not.


Using the services of an experienced solar solutions vendor is really important as it helps to make an informed decision in a very short span of time. Experts like Valley Solar Pros can provide you with proper assistance if you need solar services in Fresno.

If you need any information about how our experts can help you out, you may get in touch with us whenever you want. And we’ll provide you with a free quote that is customized according to your needs.

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