Solar Power Vocabulary 101

November 6, 2018

Solar Power Vocabulary Words

Solar Power system has been around for years and there are thousands of people around the world that use solar power generators to reduce electricity costs. But the shocking fact is that there are many people that are hesitant to shift to solar panels even after understanding its remarkable benefit.

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So, we conducted a survey in areas like Downtown Fresno and near Warnors Theatre because these are the areas where people can enjoy the amazing benefits of Solar energy for the most part of the year. After consulting a number of people, we came to the conclusion that the people feel hesitant because they are not familiar with the vocabulary words that are associated with Solar panels. And they don’t even want to rely on the so-called experts because most of them are just noobs.

First of all, we recommended them to use the services of Solar Valley Pros as they have been serving the customers in these areas for years. In fact, customers from other parts of Fresno can also use their services to take advantage of this amazing system.

Secondly, we decided to create detailed information about the vocabulary that is associated with the Solar power system. That’s why we are writing this article today. No matter whether you are living in California or not, you can get yourself acknowledged with these to cover this hurdle because these vocabulary items are commonly used all over the world.

I think it’s the time we should discuss these vocabulary items because we’ve already taken a lot of your time. So let’s take a look at solar power vocabulary items or you can contact us for more information from a professional solar company in Fresno.

Solar Power System Vocabulary

Solar Nuclear Fusion

The process that allows the solar panels to generate electricity by using the energy released by Sun. The Helium is created when hydrogen atoms are fused in the Sun. This is the reaction that produces the massive amount of energy released by Sun.

PV (photovoltaic) cell or array

Looks like PV (photovoltaic) is the most difficult term in solar power system but it isn’t as difficult as it appears to be. This term is usually used to describe a panel, an array of cells, a single cell, or even an entire system. This term usually talks about the process that generates electricity by converting the radiation from the sun. The areas like the Kearney Mansion Museum are familiar with this term because solar power energy systems are increasingly growing there.

Cost Analysis

A close look at the labour, time, and resources required before addressing a solar power project.

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Power Inverter

The electricity is converted into AC or DC with the help of this industrial-grade transformer depending on the source and output. Some power inverters are as small as a cassette tape and some of them are as big as a pickup truck.

Series / Parallel Wiring

An approach that measures the system and power needs to consolidate solar panel strings.


This term is used to talk about the amount of solar energy exposed to the Earth at different parts of the day.


The light that reaches the Earth from the Sun is measured with the help fo this unit.

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These are the terms that are usually used when you are shopping for solar panels or addressing a solar panel installation process. If you are still confused about these terms, you may get in touch with the expert solar installers in Fresno like Valley Solar Pros. The people living in the beautiful weather of St. Johns Cathedral of Fresno are completely satisfied with their service. So, if you are living in the Golden State, you must also use the services of this solar company.