The Benefits of Owning Your Solar System

November 20, 2018

The Benefits of Owning Your Solar System

Going Solar: Buying vs Leasing

We Value Your Money

The cost of financing a solar system is a lot better than paying energy costs over the course of ten years, especially if you are living in Fresno. Those, who are spending $350 on energy bills on average, will be paying $42,000 over the next ten years.

Valley Solar Pros is the most reliable solar power company in California that can offset 100 per cent of your monthly energy bill. And the best part is that you won’t have to spend a huge amount of money on this solar system.

Going solar is the best solution that can reduce your energy costs. And purchasing the solar panel is obviously a better option. The experts in The Golden State claim that the prices of solar power systems are reduced to an extent.

Moreover, the cost of electricity has also increased by 25% over the past few years. There are numerous financing options you can choose from but choosing the right financing option can become really difficult.

Usually, the Solar Energy Companies near Woodward Regional Park try to convince the buyers that leasing is a better option for them. And the interesting part is that the customers are also easily convinced with the statements saying that leasing is a less expensive option.

However, the solar experts at Valley Solar Pros have proved with proper evidence that purchasing the renewable energy systems can help save a lot of money in the long run.

Comparing Terms

The residents of Fresno City hall have a common concept that they need cash on hand to purchase the solar power system, therefore, they overlook this option. On the other hand, there are financing options like leasing that do not include any out of the pocket cost.

The best thing about solar panel financing is that you can customize it according to your needs. The Valley Solar Pros experts will build custom financial plans for you after discussing your financial situation with you.

Thus, you can immediately reduce your monthly energy bills by purchasing a solar system. These $0 money down options can boost your savings instantly by reducing the monthly electric costs.

Sometimes, the leases can be extended from 20 to 25 years. On the other hand, you can take advantage of solar loans to enjoy much shorter terms. Another major drawback with the leases and PPA’s is that you’re bound to pay monthly charges for these options that can increase anywhere from 1-3% annually.

A buyout package is offered by the solar contractor at the Central Valley at different stages of the contract. You can use this package to purchase the solar system according to the market value.

The worst part is that the most of the leasing companies near Forestiere Underground Gardens are focused on taking advantage of the full depreciation on your system, therefore, they force you to pay the monthly payments for 5 years before allowing the buyout.

No matter whether you’ve selected the leasing or purchasing option, you can take advantage of the manufacturer warranty that covers panel integrity, defects, performance, and other environmental factors that can affect the value of the solar system. However, the homeowner must keep an eye on these factors so that the long-term savings aren’t affected at all.

We have tried our best to prove that which option can be best for those who are willing to buy a solar power system in California but the decision is all yours. If you live near Meux Home Museum, you may get in touch with our experts at Valley Solar Pros to find an appropriate answer to the questions that appear in your mind. Contact us today for a free solar consultation.